Readathon FAQs

1.  Do I have to be in the Kansas City area to participate?

Absolutely not! Though the Readathon for Hunger started in the Kansas City area, you can participate from anywhere that you can read.  We do suggest you find a local food bank for your donation.

2.  How do I sign up?

Simply comment with your commitment here or on the Facebook page.  Tell us how much you plan to read.

3.  Where do I donate?

The Readathon for Hunger accepts no donations directly.  Please see our resources page for links to food banks and other poverty-fighting organizations in your area.

4.  I'm busy on November 13th...can I read another day?

Of course!  Reading any time is a good idea, and any donations you make to your food bank will help.

5.  How do I know you're not scamming me? (okay, no one has asked, but surely SOMEONE will eventually think it)

Because we're not asking you to give US anything.  We ask you to donate directly to your local food bank.  We make nothing off this website and have donated our time to this cause close to our hearts.